District Group of Companies

While sharing real estate as a common anchor, each company is differentiated with regards to its primary focus. By strategically mixing geographic regions and end user markets, we offer partners and investors diversified opportunities.

District Developments Corp is a real estate development company actively pursuing mixed use projects focused on purpose built rental residential in B.C., Alberta and western United States markets. It is dedicated to building a diverse collection of high quality assets and developing them to their full potential, adding value for capital partners, investors, tenants and homeowners


District Private Equity Corp is an investment management service and advisory business that supports development, acquisitions, investments, leasing and asst management by advising and implementing legal and financial structure for real estate development projects and limited partnership real estate funds.

District Projects Investment Corp acquires, develops and manages real estate asset investments for capital partners and private investor clients. Aligned with these partners the company co-invests and takes on acquisition and development risk at the early stages of a project. Focus is placed on acquisitions of deep value, long-term cash flow, opportunistic investments and management practices that maximize value. Real estate assets are centred in B.C., Alberta and the western United States markets.

Cascadia Residential Income REIT is a real estate investment trust that acquires completed income producing residential rental properties in Canada. Delivering competitive returns based on high, steady dividend income and long-term capital appreciation, investors in the REIT earn a share of the income produced by the portfolio of real estate assets and the opportunity to access dividend based returns.