About District

District Group is a leading edge real estate investment, development and asset management company passionate about building exceptional projects that energize neighbourhoods and realize timeless design, while adding value for our capital partners, homeowners and tenants. Based in Vancouver, BC, District is actively pursuing and developing mixed-use projects in BC, Alberta and the United States.


Real estate development is the core of what we do. With decades of experience in every asset class in all key western Canadian markets, including land development (residential, industrial), retail, transit oriented mixed-use, large multi-use master plans, high-rise residential and office buildings, development is what we know. Our primary focus is purpose-built rental residential, with a mix of retail and office use where appropriate, along with a strong emphasis on market housing in major markets. We see projects through the full development process, from due diligence, financing, municipal permits, building and design programming and construction management, to marketing, sales, and leasing. We currently have 15 projects under development with over 2,900 residential units, 200 acres of industrial property, and 120,000 square feet of office and retail space totaling over $850M in gross project value.


Acquisitions is the opportunity seeking, analysis, procurement and disposition division of our business bolstering our investment and development programs. We identify, underwrite, model and evaluate prospective real estate opportunities, liaising with all stakeholders and moving forward through due diligence to deal structure and purchase or sale where appropriate. With years of experience in originating, negotiating and structuring deals, along with tackling several of the largest, most complex land acquisitions in Western Canada, our level of expertise, sophistication and realization not only produces significant acquisition success, but also provides deal flow and long-term deal channel access. We produce comprehensive investment information for our lenders, investors and team to inform our decisions in the process, review our portfolio and define our plans, generating our business strategy, executing transactions and completing the full process of the deal.

Private Equity

Our Private Equity is our investment management function which supports our development, acquisitions, investments, leasing and asset management by advising and implementing each project’s legal and financial structure. It also plays a key role in the structuring and advisory of limited partnership real estate funds.


We develop and manage real estate asset investments for ourselves and our capital partners and private investor clients. We align ourselves with our partners by co-investing and taking on development risk at the early stages of a project. Our success comes from identifying opportunities in Western Canada and the U.S.’s most attractive markets, building strong relationships with prudently selected partners, and skillfully managing projects from acquisition through development. We focus on acquisitions of deep value, long-term cash flow, opportunistic investments, and management practices that maximize value. Our hands-on approach provides comprehensive solutions throughout the value chain of a given asset, and allows us to also make strategic investments in operating businesses that service our development business, providing vertical integration. We currently own or are invested in all of our development projects and the real estate assets currently under management total over $850M in gross project value.

Asset Management

Our process at District ensures that the real estate assets we own and are invested in are marketed, leased, maintained, accounted for and put to their highest and best use. We manage assets alongside our property management partners to provide exceptional customer service to our homeowners, tenants, retailers and commercial operators, and to operate more reliable, efficient and less expensive assets for long-term hold where possible, maximizing returns and adding value across the span of each project. With expertise in asset management, branding and marketing, and residential leasing, we deliver discerning advisory and work closely with our partners to oversee and implement the strategic direction of our assets and that of our clients.